Customize your children’s lunch with thermoformed packaging

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Packaging has evolved incredibly ever since military specification packaging was born back during WWII. Today, packaging options are endless and its purposes vary daily. The importance of good quality packaging is massive and of course, in this era of information and hectic days full of activities and on-the-go meals, good packaging is crucial. In fact, some companies are devoted to develop top quality packaging to preserve their products.

One of those companies is Eat Pak’d. This online service not only delivers fresh and healthy lunches for kids, they have developed a new thermoformed modular package that allows parents to combine and mix up the food components for their children.

Since the popularity of home-delivered meal kits started to increase, many entrepreneurs have found an open window to develop and introduce new flavours, textures and dishes to the American homes; and of course, the packaging for these contents plays an extremely important role across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to sales.

Many of these companies offer meals designed by nutritionists and prepared by skilled chefs but in order to deliver them fresh and intact to every customer’s door, they’ve had to put special care and attention into the packaging process. Preserving and transporting food has a high impact on how the product is received by the consumer. Hence, the process must be thoroughly overseen and controlled to ensure the integrity of the food inside, prevent contamination and of course, comply with all the food safety norms and regulations.

The beauty of this particular thermoformed modular packaging is that each food item can be bought separately and combined at home with the others or, on the other hand you can buy straight as a full meal, which makes it both functional and fun. This particular innovation comes from packaging design firm Anthem. However, many other brands and companies are increasingly investing in developing high quality packaging for their products.

Whilst some companies focus on developing functional packaging others concentrate their efforts and resources in finding eco-friendly materials, designing and making packaging that is not harmfull for the environment or people’s health, which is another big concern for today’s consumers.

Nowadays, the ongoing and increasing trend is opting for reusable packaging and containers and staying away from packaging that is made of or contains harsh chemicals and other potentially harmful materials such as styrofoam and certain kinds of plastic.

Although modular containers for food have been popular in other cultures for ages, such as the Bento boxes in Japan. This is a new trend in the US market and offers all the commodities of the 21st century, like the fact that you can order it over the internet and it will be delivered to your doorstep, proving once more how far good packaging can make it.


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