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13 Jul, 2017

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After its foundation in 1954, Edco Supply Corporation has been leading the space of conversion and supply of military specification packaging (mil spec packaging for short) for the past 60 years. Their product line has grown over the years to include anti-static materials, static shielding materials, desiccants, commercial barrier material, folding cartons, indicator cards, and many other products to match every need.

This family owned business relies on a staff with extensive experience. Edco has employees with over 20 and 30 years in the business. They help maintain top quality standards. They devote full commitment to training the younger generation and producing continuous improvement. Edco supplies you with the right products to make sure you always meet the right packaging specifications. We offer all the knowledge and guidance you need to make sure your products have the best protection and packaging.

Among our many products, we’re proud to offer mil spec packaging solutions for every need:

  • Mil Spec Packaging

    During World War II, the military identified many packaging problems. This led to Military Standard or “mil spec” regulations to become the norm. They applied these standards to what we call “military specification packaging”. Officially, this designation came around 1941 after an operation in Iceland. There were many critical losses due to poor packaging.

    Most of the time mil spec packaging is quite similar to commercial grade packaging. However, the former is subject to more stringent performance and quality requirements and controls.

  • Desiccant Bags & Desiccant Packs

    These bags contain a solid substance that absorbs water and helps keep the content of a package dry. A desiccant is the opposite of a humectant. It usually comes in pre-packaging. The silica gel bags are one of the forms of desiccant packs that come with many medicines and other products. The packaging helps preserve their crispness and dryness. However, desiccants for special purposes may come in other forms as well.

  • VCI Paper

    The US military has been using Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) since the 1940s. People use this type of corrosion inhibitor to protect ferrous materials and non-ferrous metals from corrosion and oxidation when surface treatments are not feasible. VCI paper slowly releases chemical compounds that actively prevent surface corrosion within a sealed airspace. One of the most common uses of VCI paper is for protection of the inside of bags, boxes or cupboard boxes containing tools or parts. One of the advantages of VCIs is that the levels of inhibitors will recover even if someone opens and then closes the container.

  • Static Shielding Bags & Anti Static Bags

    A static shielding bag protects your electronic components from static and electrostatic discharge-based damage. These shipping bags have special designs for shipping new and reusable electronic components. Their design also protects computing components like hard drives, processors and sound cards. Static shielding bags follow the Faraday Cage principles. This eliminates external static and non-static electric fields.

    Static shielding bags are also known as anti static bags. These are usually made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material. Generally, they have a foamy or bubble-wrap shape. But they’re similar to other plastic bags. And depending on the contents, the colors of the static shielding may vary between silver, black or pink. Anti static bags also have a thick layer that protects equipment from mechanical damage.

  • Military Tape

    At Edco we manufacture and distribute several kinds of masking tape, filament tape, PVC Tape, Copper foil tape, and various military specification tapes. We also convert tape to custom widths.

  • Moisture Barrier Bags

    These bags are specially designed to protect moisture sensitive items and devices from environmental elements that might damage them. Edco offers a broad range of solutions and moisture barrier bags and packages to preserve moisture sensitive materials in optimal condition.

  • Protective Packaging

    Cushioning or protective packaging is a packaging process that involves several elements and materials -depending on the content of each package– that help preserve items and devices inside a package from shock, vibrations and any other potential structural damages associated to transportation, storage and poor handling.

For all your military spec packaging solutions, get in touch with us at +1 800-221-0918. Edco Supply Corporation offers you customized solutions for all your package needs.

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