Homeless from LA will have access to container apartment building

03 Jan, 2018

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An architecture firm based in Los Angeles has come up with a solution to face the homelessness issue in town.  KTGY Architecture + Planning have developed their latest project: An apartment complex made out of shipping containers.

The building called Hope and located in Alvarado is made out of repurposed shipping containers with the goal of providing high quality but low-cost housing to local – currently homeless – residents.


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This project represents a feasible solution for a massive community issue. Given that in spite of the strong economy of the area the problem of homelessness is real and growing.

The building features 84 units between studios and one-bedroom apartments that range from 400 to 480 square feet in size. The apartments will be flooded with plenty of natural light as they feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which also compliment the minimal style of the space and its design.

The construction is meant to take up a .44-acre site at 166 Alvarado Street in Northwest LA, and the work has been programmed to start in 2018, in order to be finished in early 2019. This project serves as further proof of how cost effective container construction can be. Not to mention the sustainability and practicality that it offers.

Shipping container constructions is in fact, so practical that a London hotelier has built a hotel out of containers, so it can be dismounted and moved within 28 days. Shipping container architecture came as a solution after the company across a plot of land in the city that serves as the perfect location for their hotel. However, since they are not the owners of said plot and the leasing contract require them to be ready to move within a 28 day’s time frame, a mobile, modular container hotel seemed like the perfect solution to the matter.

These initiatives have proven that there are many ways to improve the lives of people whilst still reducing business carbon print and overall expenses. It seems like 2018 will help the shipping container architecture space grow and expand even more.

EngageNewswire.com EngageNewswire.com is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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