How to choose your outfit for your company’s holiday party

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Every year people rush around the office to try and make the most out of your performance for the last few days of the year. But at the same time you get lots invitations to holiday parties and events. However, your company’s party is easily the most important event you will be attending this holiday season, and surely you want to look your best without looking overdone or inappropriate. Below are a few recommendations that will help you choose the perfect outfit for this event.


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Velvet dresses.
Aim for rich shades and embroidery. Velvet is a most during the colder month and perfect for the holiday season. Try deep shades of red, green, purple and blue with golden or silver accents for an extra luxurious look.

Metallic ensembles.
2-piece outfits, dresses and rompers in metallic fabrics look classy and modern. Just remember not to over-accessorize since your dress is already noteworthy enough to draw lots of attention. Instead, try a polished makeup that enhances your natural beauty and attributes without overpowering your dress but complimenting it in a harmonious way.

Red clothes.
Red is festive, bright and sexy. If you wear it with confidence, there’s no doubt you will steal all the attention, in a good way. Play with textures and combine it with blue, white, black or beige if you’re not sure that an all-red ensemble is something you’re willing to put up with throughout the whole night.

Sequins and Lamé.
If there’s a good time to wear bling and shine is the holiday season. Clothing items made in lamé or out of sequined fabrics are perfect for a corporate party. You can glam them up or tone them down depending on how you pair them with other clothes, shoes and accessories. You can create a wide variety of looks and you can keep it classy yet modern and impactful.

As a final note remember that a work party still demands a certain level of sobriety and discretion from you. Anything too sexy or too revealing might have a negative on your image before your colleagues and your boss. Opt for pieces that you find modern but still classy which will allow you to make a statement without overstepping your boundaries. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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