Know your food packaging risks and stay safe

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As you probably know or as you might have guessed, environmental changes have an impact on everything for better or worse, and food packaging is no exception. Packaging and military specification packaging experts all agree that food packaging plays a massive role in health and safety.

To avoid emergencies and other issues that might end up badly, it is important to evaluate, recognize and anticipate the business conditions that may have an impact on food packaging safety. A consistent and reliable supply chain is key to keep any food packaging facility safe. Luckily, in most cases, this is the rule of thumb and all oversights and controls are based on predictability with a few changes in certain unexpected situations that nonetheless, have been previously anticipated.

Historically, upgrades in the supervision process are introduced at a rather inconsistent pace which affects quality, consistency, reliability and therefore, safety in an unpredictable manner. For these reasons, quality managers usually focus on the “usual suspects” for high risks to safety and tackling the issues that might be brought up by the demonstrated threats to safety. However, anticipation is helpful when it comes to handling low-risk and/or low-frequency emergencies. These unexpected defects are manage right there and then and as they become consistent protocols are set up to manage them more effectively in the future.

But how can consumers protect themselves from the risks associated with food packaging. Well, as previously explained, the safety protocols followed by food packaging facilities are rather effective and the golden rule within the industry. However, as mentioned before environmental changes have an impact in food packaging which may shorten and in some -more rare– cases, prolong the shelf life of its contents.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to food packaging are:

  • Expiration dates:

    Of course, this quite obvious. However, it’s important that you check carefully the expiration dates in the packaged food you buy. If you won’t be consuming the products before the date marked on the package is better to buy them another time, that way you won’t put your health or your family’s at risk, and you won’t waste food.

  • Seals:

    Whether in a bag or a bottle, perhaps a can or a box, seals are crucial for packaged food preservation. If the seal of the product you’re buying is broken, chances are, said product has been altered somehow. It could have been poorly manipulated at some point along the supply chain which led to the seal breaking, a change in pressure or temperature might have also caused the seal to break or in a scary turn of events, someone might have deliberately broken the seal in order to alter the composition of the original product.

  • Tears, cracks and gnarly packages:

    This may happen because of many different reasons, and in some cases they don’t represent an issue to the content of a package. For example, some gnarled cans and boxes still preserve their integrity and the content inside but in other cases a gnarled can or box might also present tears or cracks, which might threaten the integrity of the content inside.


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