Plan the best holiday party for your employees

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Planning your company’s holiday party can be stressful. You have to make sure to stay inside the budget; you have to make sure that the party meets the expectations of bosses and employees alike.


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But what’s the best way to ensure a quality holiday event for your company? The following, is a list of all the things you must keep into account to ensure you will plan the best holiday event for your company.

Basics first: Get your budget right and define the venue, the theme, the guest list, the time, the date, the menu and drinks selection. Once you’ve chosen and secured all of those elements, proceed to acquire the music selection -whether it is a DJ, band or both–, the decor and plan out the event’s agenda to ensure the party will run smoothly and on time.

Be effective with the timing: Try to make sure most if not all of the members of the company are available on the time and date of the event. If necessary send out invitations or even calendar reminders to the member of your organization. Asking people to RSVP and keeping a close head-count will help you not overspend on food and other amenities and party favors.

Consider Off-Season events: Keep in mind that many people would rather spend the holidays with their family and close friends, so plan the holiday events a few weeks or even a month before or after the holiday season.

Get your employees involved in the organization of the event: You will not only get helpful insight about what are the expectations of the event but this could also become a beneficial team-building activity.

Create a cost-effective menu for the event: Food bars, buffets or banquets, it will depend on the kind of party you’re throwing, the amount of guests and what kind of food you will be serving. Get help from an expert in order to optimize the menu to the maximum.

Set a limit for alcohol consumption: As attractive as the idea may be, offering unlimited drinks will do more harm than good.

Remind your employees to maintain a proper etiquette and behavior: Otherwise, things may easily get out of control and have dire consequences that could potentially have a negative and permanent impact on their jobs.

Consider a fundraising event: The holidays are the perfect time to give back to the community, inspire your employees to join your cause. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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