Political Jihad Overtaking America

13 Jul, 2017

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Terrorists R Us!

Yes indeed, it’s finally come to a head with the Baseball shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise.

Welcome to The Terrorist Therapist Show, I’m Dr Carole, a psychiatrist and your Terrorist Therapist. I’m here to help you and your family reach your dreams despite living in a time of terror.

Well it finally, finally happened! I have been railing against all the people who have been provoking political terrorists. Now you know that when I talk about terrorists, I am usually talking about radical Islamic terrorists, Jihadists, people who have misinterpreted the Qur’an, and used it to incite others to wage Jihad. Well now I’m talking about American terrorists, who have been inciting political terrorists to wage Jihad, and we have seen the result of it just this week in the injuring of Representative Scalise and four others who were with him when they were playing baseball with many other Republicans.

Now, think about the irony of it: baseball being America’s pastime. I don’t know that the shooter, whose name is James T. Hodgkinson, I don’t know that he was thinking about it being America’s pasttime, in other words, an iconic place and an iconic sport. Jihadists and other radicalized terrorists target American icons, such as aiming at the Twin Towers or other iconic sites for America. I don’t know whether James Hodgkinson had thought that way ahead, it was probably more because these people were Republicans/Congressmen and more accessible on a baseball field. I’ll talk more about that later….

But when you think about it, it has all the trappings of a real terrorist attack except for the fact the man who shot these people was not presumably a radicalized Islamist.

Now, let me tell you what I’m talking about in terms of the incitement. We have been having, over the past months, one person after another – perhaps the worst was Kathy Griffin – actually trying to incite violence against President Trump. Perhaps this was happening before he was President, certainly during the election it happened, people inciting others to violence against President Trump and Republicans. People have taken political disagreement to a whole new level.

This whole country is on edge and it is going beyond just being on the edge now to actual, physical violence. It’s coming from people like Kathy Griffin. People crossing the line like Kathy Griffin, showing a decapitated head of President Trump in a recent photo-shoot. This of course, made it to the worldwide media and that was crossing the line – CRAZY!

It traumatized President Trump’s son, Barron. It traumatized us all really. There isn’t a person, I mean even people who aren’t in favor of President Trump had to be shocked still by this blatant display. It’s terrorists who decapitate people; that is their trademark way of killing people and so for her to act like a terrorist and hold his decapitated head in her hands was really the ultimate. (Although, I’m saying that today, but we can only expect things to get worse. This is because that’s what happens when more and more people want to push the envelope further to get more attention.)

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