See How Vianna Stibal Can Help You With Your Personal Growth

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Recovery and personal growth is an incredible challenge. We all know how difficult it is to enact change in ourselves, especially when we are feeling hopeless. Sometimes, it feels like we just need a little help or emotional support. Vianna Stibal has an amazing talent for helping others to heal and recover using her technique, Theta Healing.

So who Is Vianna Stibal?

Vianna Stibal is a woman who excels in personal growth and determination. Her techniques for healing were discovered through her own battle with cancer and through deep introspection. Her own struggles through battling an illness has afforded her both a sense of empathy and a deep understanding of personal beliefs. She has come to intimately understand the connection our thoughts have with the world around us and their connection with God´s greater plan.

In order to connect to ourselves and God, Stibal teaches individuals how to reach a theta state of mind. Most simply stated, the theta state of the brain is when we are most relaxed yet mildly alert and aware of the world around us. It is the state of mind our brain often reaches when we dream. Within this state, Stibal believes we can connect with our ability to shape our reality and forge a life of personal growth that has true meaning.

What is striking about Stibal’s healing technique is its ability to surpass the emotional realm. Often, emotional and physical recovery are thought to be separate endeavors. Theta Healing is a technique that offers physical, mental, and emotional change. Stibal believes that through this work, we can shape the type of individuals we seek to become and heal ourselves of the illness that may inhabit our bodies.

Stibal’s work transcends the individual. It not only connects the student with God, but it also allows struggling individuals to see themselves all connected to what Stibal calls “one energy.” This empathetic and supportive technique gives students space to focus on themselves and their personal growth while connecting them to a greater community and power.

Vianna Stibal teaches her technique to individuals seeking help as well as practioners offering help. She teaches across all cultural, racial, ideoogical, and religious lines. She has taught her work to thousands and will continue to devote her time and energy to help all those open to learning her knowledge. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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