Shipping container based architecture for restaurants

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In past articles we talked about the benefits of shipping containers as bases for architectural structures. Over time, this kind of shipping containers have been used for merch transportation through the sea, but in the modern era, they’re getting a new life as they are being transformed into different things, whether it is concert venues, offices, art galleries, homes, restaurants and gourmet kitchens that sit on the place we want and in a permanent ephemeral way.

We’ve already talked about the shipping container based structures used in different contexts: houses, bars, exhibitions, concerts, restaurants, fairs, markets, etc, one of the sectors that apply this kind of architecture is the restaurant sector, forced to adapt to each time, environment, space and trend.


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For new restaurants, shipping containers are the solution to many problems. From the time of conception and posterior construction, the space selection, the changing of the season and as a result the market trend. The shipping container allows you to relocate your business in a fast and cheap way when you do the comparison with other more conventional solutions like the traditional brick or cement structures, giving you an alternative and creative solutions in several different fronts.

The conventional constructions made of brick and concrete are not the only recipe for the restaurant sector. As outdoor events and open green areas grow ever more popular as a trend, restaurants had to re-invent themselves in order to provide the same service they do in their usual places but still offering the flexibility of having a meal in the middle of a park, a square or in the coast, by the sea. The food trucks fad has been proven a great success and the trend continues to grow, that’s why the usage of shipping containers in that sector has been growing as well.


The shipping containers add versatility and adaptability to the restaurant sector.

The complications of prolonged times that in-situ construction usually implies can be resolved with modular, prefabricated structures. The buildings in the factory help to promote the sustainability whilst avoiding any contaminating agent to get in touch with the environment during the construction period, which means the time frame will not get affected by any complication. In fact, the versatility of the shipping containers allows you to pile them on so you will be able to build in more than just one height, in case you need a bigger structure but the only way you can expand is vertically. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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