Tips to create the perfect Winter Wonderland for your holiday party

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If you’re organizing a holiday party but you’re not too sure about the theme, one almost guaranteed successful theme that matches perfectly this season is a Winter Wonderland event.


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If you want to create the perfect Winter Wonderland, the following tips will help you achieve your goals:

• Start by establishing a dress code. Most people own white and/or silver clothes they can wear to the party, they will look elegant and picture perfect.

• Winter Wonderland themes are all about bringing the snowy outdoors inside and recreating all the magic of winter without the harsh cold. So, try using outside structures like gazebos and arbors, decorated with transparent white fabric and white lights to achieve the atmosphere of a snowy garden inside.

• Incorporate white trees and flowers to your decorations. There are two-toned artificial plants that hold a look that resembles bushes covered in snow.

• White candles are also a nice addition to your Winter Wonderland decor.

• Buy a party backdrop to enhance the Winter Wonderland look of your party. They come in many styles and sizes. However, white velvet drapes can do the job just as well.

• Unless your furniture is naturally white and/or silver, we recommend you to cover it with white, silver and icy blue fabrics.

• Mirrors will also add a great effect to your Winter Wonderland party.

• White feathers and insta-snow powder will also be your allies in helping you recreate the magic of winter at your party’s venue.

• If you can afford it, get a snow machine. It will help you create snow flurries over your dance floor throughout the party. Just make sure it is installed in a place high enough for the snow to fall downwards and over the dance floor. Keep in mind that the “snow” is actually made of soap and it will most likely disintegrate before it hits the ground. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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