Tracking tech comes to the US from Europe to make shipping containers smarter

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IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming every industry. And now it’s the turn of the shipping containers space, which are now being turned into smart containers.

Secure System is a company making sure that boxes are tracked, secured and functioning in the way they’re supposed to. These smart containers not only save time but they also increase profitability whilst enhancing security. A German provider of smart shipping container solutions just launched its US subsidiary, which means its patented industrial Internet-of-Things technology that transforms standard shipping containers into “smart containers,” will now be available in US territory.


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Global trade is a massive industry; shipping containers transport $4 trillion of goods across the world every year which accounts for 90 percent of global trade. And after studies showed that a single shipping transaction involves an average of 28 different entities including ports, forwarders, carriers and customs agencies, smart containers can but improve logistics and increase efficiency throughout the process of transportation.

This technology ensures that containers will be tracked, secured, and functioning properly as they move through this complex ecosystem. With industrial grade tech, developed and tested by Airbus Defence and Space, professionals within this space will be able to use environmental sensors, physical security sensors, satellite and cellular communication, GPS positioning, and a cloud-based Trust Center security portal to transform containers into connected, interactive units, allowing comprehensive data analytics.

“With our new US operations, we can work closely with US flag shippers, manufacturers, logistics facilitators, and the US government to help them meet and exceed their secure shipping goals,” said Frank Fronzeck, CEO of SecureSystem GmbH.

Additionally to real-time monitoring, this technology offers personalized access controls so each container remains sealed until the shipper authorizes the opening of each container. Further, the data generated for each container can also provide customs agencies an additional tool to identify safe containers that qualify for expedited clearance, making the process more efficient and cost effective. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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