What’s trending in global supply chain labelling

09 Aug, 2017

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A survey conducted by Loftware titled “Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling”, in which more than 800 IT and supply chain professionals participated from 32 countries, generated results that highlight the most significant shifts in labelling and their impact on the supply chain space at a global scale.

Business is becoming more and more interconnected and global with each day. Therefore, solutions for managing supply chains more efficiently are becoming exponentially more important, making labelling a crucial subject of study and evaluation, in order to determine what’s its strategic impact on the supply chain and business growth.

Around 65% of those who participated in the survey acknowledged the necessity of addressing labelling on a global scale. Although most of them were from companies with active operations across the world with over 5 different locations,  others were from smaller, more modest organizations.

Since labelling intersects every level of the supply chain, it is key to evolve in a way that allows brands to keep up with customers’ ever-changing requirements and up and coming regulations quite frequently. This is the only way to avoid disruptions during the manufacturing and distribution process. However, let’s not forget that deploying and maintaining efficient labelling solutions are crucial when it comes to global labelling. As a business grows, packaging labelling must be scaled effectively in order to succeed in new markets.

Barcodes are not what they used to, and this applies to labelling as well. As customer demands evolve, so do the regulatory requirements within each industry, which forces companies to change their labels several times to add more information to the abels. According to 80% of the survey respondents, in the last 3 years, labels have become increasingly more complex.

Flexibility is key to match the demands of the market as well as data driven upgrades for the labelling process that can be leveraged to support all the variables of the market requirements. That’s why the trend of enabling business users to make simple label changes is on the rise, increasing efficiency and reducing recall expenses.

Digital innovations is also disrupting the supply chain and labelling is no exception, especially since it plays such an important role as a physical representation of the digital information of a product or the content of a package. Further, the importance of connecting all business partners throughout the global supply chain in order to meet customer demands can be significantly improved with proper labelling that is effectively connected to its digital counterpart.


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EngageNewswire.com EngageNewswire.com is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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