Which Container Is Right For Me?

27 Mar, 2017

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You have reached the decision that a storage container is what you and your business needs. But how do you ensure you get the best container for your needs? With the help of Great Lakes Kwik Space, you can trust you are getting the best container for your money. If you are searching for Storage Containers Chicago., then Great Lakes Kwik Space should be your first point of call.

The first stage is to visit a container yard and assess some of the shipping container options. You should try to look at as many different types as possible, and with permission, take lots of photos. Although it’s probable you have your mind set on a specific type or size of container, you should carefully consider the other options available.

In your mind you should clearly understand your needs when it comes to your shipping container. You should have a good understanding of your budget, the accessibility to your site as well as how you will be using the box. Once this information is clear, you can start looking.

Here are some top tips on the various components of a shipping container.

The majority of shipping container providers offer a safe way to inspect the container roof. You shouldn’t walk up there, but instead just look. You should carefully inspect for rust build-up, particularly the areas surrounding the corner fittings. This is because these areas can have dents that allow for standing water and rust.

You should ensure that the lock rods on the door swing freely and are aligned correctly. Instead of letting a sales representative operate the doors, you should do this yourself. This is so you can gauge how much effort is required – usually the more effort required, the poorer the quality. Furthermore you should confirm that the door’s gaskets seal correctly and are not broken, damaged or cut in any way. If the gaskets are damaged, the container is not waterproof meaning very wet contents inside.

The floor in a shipping container is made of thick plywood and then secured to the understructure. You should check for weak spots, heavy stains and loose joints. You should also understand that every container has a particular odor. Ensure that you feel comfortable with what you smell and if it’s too invasive, move on. Inspect the walls. Scrapes and dents are normal but check for potential areas that may leak or any grease or dirt that may damage the products inside. Ultimately, you should check the ceiling for any dents close to the corners. You should also ensure that any roof patching that has taken place, has been completed properly and effectively.

Exterior Walls
It’s advisable to walk around the container, inspecting the outer walls carefully. You should keep an eye out for improper patches that could be a future problem as well as severe wall cuts. You should also check that the walls are straight and aren’t excessively misshaped.

Under Carriage
It’s not vital to check the undercarriage but if you get the opportunity, it won’t hurt to take a look. You should make sure that the entire understructure is well protected from the potential of future rusting. Finally be careful to make sure the underside is in good shape and appears to be very resistant.

Once you have gone through each element of your shipping container and feel comfortable with what’s in front of you, you just need to finish the deal. All that remains is buying it and setting up a delivery option that suits you!

For a wide range of Storage Containers Chicago get in touch with Great Lakes Kwik Space. Great Lakes Kwik Space is the industry leader in portable storage container sales throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. Their friendly and educated team offer affordable storage container solutions direct to your business. What are you waiting for?

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EngageNewswire.com EngageNewswire.com is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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