Why Accepting Terrorism is Worse Than Overreacting To It

13 Jul, 2017

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Are you in denial about the danger of terrorism? Or are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?

Well, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today on The Terrorist Therapist Show. Welcome to the show, I’m Dr. Carole, a psychiatrist and your terrorist therapist. I’m here to help you and your family reach your dreams despite living in time of terror.

Well, you know I keep trying to wake you all up to the increasing danger of terrorists attacks and terrorism and it’s hard to not be awaken with them coming faster and furiouser. You know, it used to be that once in awhile I would do these podcasts on the latest attack, when there was a big attack or a particularly interesting attack and it didn’t come every week. It wasn’t that every week show was about a terrorist attack. But you know, the way -and that’s how I’m able to tell that they’re increasing– it’s like now there’s sometimes more than one. This week for example, there were more than one that make good butter to talk about, and yet there are people who are still -and yes, of course it’s more in the United States than in the UK or in France– but there are still a lot of people, even in those countries, but specially in America where we haven’t been under attack as much or perhaps because we’re such a big country, you know, it doesn’t feel that way, if you put all the attacks in America together in a smaller area like in the UK or France, perhaps we’d have a different perspective.

But in any case, as there are more and more terror attacks, people are falling  more into one of these two extremes, which is either being terrorist deniers or minimizers or people who are taking things into their own hands and who are becoming more Islamophobic and who are acting out on this Islamophobia. Well, that’s we’re gonna be talking about today and I’m gonna be using the latest attack in London, the London Bridge attack as an example of what’s happening. Even with the attack, and as I sustain these increasing numbers of the attack there are still people who think it’s never gonna happen here, again. It’s never gonna happen to you. You have to ask yourself, do you feel that you are not gonna be affected in any way by a terrorist attack happening to your neighborhood, your own home, your States, the United States again. I mean, do you really think this is something we don’t have to worry about?

Well, I’m not really encouraging worrying, what I’ve been encouraging all along is that you need to be prepared psychologically and physically, and there are things to do to help you be more prepared that I talk about. But I’m not gonna be talking about that today, I’m gonna be talking about this phenomenon, because that comes first; to see exactly where you fall on this continuum and which end, which extreme you fall, because less and less people are in the middle.

So, most people are in denial because they used this whole thing, this whole charge of Islamophobia as a way to staying in denial, in other words, if you don’t wanna believe, I mean, of course it’s scary to think that another 9/11 could happen and it could happen in a place where you live or in a way, not even necessarily, you know could be in New York or Washington, it could be in the same places but just as 9/11 devastated this country for years, after that -in my opinion– we are still all suffering from 9/11 because there have been many changes in this country because of 9/11.
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