Why Everyone’s Freaking Out Desiccant Packs

13 Jul, 2017

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Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has a Facebook account and people who use Facebook with at least some regularity are most likely aware of the many videos about desiccant packs going viral in many groups.

For those who don’t know, desiccants are dehumidifying used to keep certain products dry and crispy. They usually come in little packets filled with silica gel beads and they’re often found inside the packages of a wide variety of products, including the boxes of miscellaneous most people get shipped to their homes. However, the question remains, what’s the fad about? Why do desiccant packs seem to be such an exciting thing right now?

Why Desiccant Packs?

Well, the truth is that desiccants have plenty of other uses beyond absorbing the moisture inside your packages and keeping your goods dry in transit. In this video, there are several uses for desiccant packs you might haven’t thought about before.

Placing desiccant packs under your car’s windshield on your dashboard will help you avoid fogging. Those accidents in which you drop your electronic devices in some liquid, like when your phone ends up in the toilet, can be easily addressed by putting your device inside a desiccant bag. Covering your unfortunate wet devices in these substance will help get them dry. Putting your razor blades in a container with desiccant will  prevent them from oxidizing and getting rusty.

If you’re the nostalgic type and keep photos in a scrapbook, a folder or even a box under your bed, a few desiccant packs will help preserve them longer, as they will be protected from the moist in the environment. Any items prone to condensation -like underwater cameras, amongst others– and foods that easily get soggy -like your favourite cookies or your pet’s food– are perfect candidates for storage in air tight containers that contain a couple of desiccant packs. Also, for preventing bacteria to growth and bad odors to flourish in your gym bag, try putting some desiccant bags in it to keep it as dry and fresh as possible.

Those are just a few of the many uses that desiccant packs have.

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EngageNewswire.com EngageNewswire.com is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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