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Oprah-approved startup raises $6.25 million

Carly Zakin (left) and Danielle Weisberg, founders of The Skimm. When you're one of Oprah's favorite things, you're bound to get a boost. For The Skimm, that's coming in the form of $6.25 million in funding. For now, their main product is a free daily newsletter. It's a five-minute femme-focused read that digests the day's top stories into snarky, conversational topics. The news is broken down into ...

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Cow farmers get high-tech tracking app

Farmers use BovControl's mobile app to track information about their cattle. In Brazil, there are more cows than humans. The country is the world's largest exporter of beef in the world. A new startup wants to connect the dots between each of those 200 million cattle, the ranchers who own them, global companies that buy the beef, and consumers who want to know where their filet ...

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Google Ventures: less Ubers, more health care

Google Ventures is shifting away from investing in the Ubers of the world. Google (GOOG)'s VC investment arm is doubling down on life science and health service startups. This means everything from digitizing primary care (One Medical) to cloud-based genome data (DNA Nexus). It's the first year that the majority of the fund's investment dollars have been in this sector (36%), followed by mobile (27%) and ...

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