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3 Important Design Elements for Flower Arrangements

Whenever you are planning your wedding, it’s common to get hung up on which flowers to choose. Flowers come in so many different varieties and colors that it can be hard to make a decision. This is even more complex when you are creating flower arrangements that combine multiple flower types into one arrangement. Additionally, creating wedding bouquets requires a different approach than creating centerpieces. These types of complexities highlight the value in finding a great wedding florist to help out. There are several important design elements for you to keep in mind when planning out your flower arrangements. That’s why we’ve put together a wedding florist approved list of 3 important design elements for flower arrangements that you can learn about below.

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  1. Balance

One of the most important design elements to consider for flower arrangements is balance. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every single one of your wedding bouquets is perfectly symmetrical. It refers to the overall balance of each arrangement and how the individual flowers and foliage that make up the arrangement work together. Adding and removing foliage and flowers to find the right balance is both an art and a science.


  1. Focal Points

The best wedding bouquets and flower arrangements emphasize a focal point that draws your eye to a certain point. This is usually accomplished with a large or unusual bloom that attracts attention when people are looking at the arrangement. The focal point flowers will usually cost a little bit more than the rest of the arrangement, but it’s worth it. Keeping this design concept in mind is key for finding success with your wedding flowers.


  1. Contrasting Colors

Imagine going to a wedding where every single one of their flower arrangements is the same color. That would be a very boring wedding from a design perspective. One of the most important design elements for wedding flowers is finding contrasting colors that work well together. For example, using both bright and dark flowers in bridal bouquets is a great way to really make each one stand out. The use of green with bright colored flowers is another great example of how to use contrasting colors effectively. If you are having trouble figuring out the right contrasting colors, you can always reach out to a professional wedding florist for a helping hand.