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3 Types of Packaging

From the beginnings of time, people have always had the necessity of transporting and protecting objects. It is because of this reason that packaging originated. Today, there are different types of packaging that accommodate all kinds of products. Below, we’ve prepared a summary explaining each kind of packaging. (Related topic: protective packaging)

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Primary Packing

Primary packing is the type of packaging that most people think about when it comes to packaging. It is the one that is in direct contact with the product packed. Its main objective is to directly protect the product from any external factors that might damage it. Also, it serves as a way of informing the consumer of any relevant information about the product. Some examples of primary packaging could be the bottle in which milk is packed, cans containing soda, etc.

Secondary Packaging

Simply put, secondary packaging is used, many times, as the packaging of primary packaging. It is also used to grow and expand brand recognition, to convey the brand’s identity and, as it was mentioned above, for logistical purposes. Secondary packaging includes retail-ready packaging, shelf ready packaging, and counter-top display units. Examples of secondary packaging are six-pack cardboards of beers, a box of assorted chocolates, among many others.

Tertiary Packaging

Just as secondary packaging carries several products in primary packaging, tertiary packaging contains groups of secondary packaging products. This type of packaging is mostly used for handling, protection, and transportation and, thus, the consumer rarely sees it.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you and your business. By knowing the differences between each type of packaging, you will surely maximize the marketing opportunities of your company as well as the operations’ efficiency.