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3 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

If you want to be successful in any commercial real estate endeavor, you need to think creatively and take advantage of every tool available to you. One of the latest and greatest marketing tools that commercial real estate professionals are utilizing is social media marketing. The amount of data and number of people you can reach with advertising via social media can help you out immensely with commercial property for sale or office space for lease. Below, you will learn about 3 smart ways to use social media marketing in commercial real estate.

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  1. Use Facebook Groups

Facebook is certainly one of the most popular social media marketing networks available thanks to its vast numbers of users. If you are looking for tenants to occupy your commercial property for rent, you can find Facebook groups that allow you to do so. It’s easy to locate the groups that allow you to post about your space and reach potential tenants directly. The great thing about Facebook is that there are users all over, which means connecting with the people in your area is simple.


  1. Use Instagram Live to Provide Property Tours

Technology is truly amazing. Did you know you can provide potential buyers with a walkthrough of your commercial property for sale via video on Instagram Live? As soon as you hit record, you can walk through your entire property and give viewers insight into why it’s a great buy. You can also engage with potential buyers in real-time as their comments stream in. This is a compelling way to use social media marketing for your commercial real estate goals. Work with your broker to develop the perfect tour that can help sell your commercial property.


  1. Offer Facebook Messaging to Potential Tenants and Buyers

The internet allows us to stay connected to our businesses at all times. By offering Facebook Messaging as an outlet to potential tenants and buyers, you are opening another mode of communication that is widely used by the majority of people in the world. Facebook Messaging is free and allows you to connect with potential buyers from all over the world. You can discuss your office space real estate and even set up meetings for property showings through this amazing tool.