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4 common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to the upkeep of guttering; Yorktown Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are a fundamental part of your home’s foundation, but too often they get overlooked. It is important to take adequate care of your gutters because, after all, they protect the structural integrity of an important investment – your home.

Here are four common gutter maintenance errors that homeowners make which really can and should be avoided:

1.       Failing to check for clogs, rust, and leaks

A leaking gutter can do more harm than simply causing an overflow of dirty water that slashes on your freshly ironed suit as you’re on the way out the door. In fact, most gutter leaks go unnoticed for quite some time because they occur gradually through general wear and tear. It is important to check for rust spots and holes because it’s easier to repair a minor problem than wait for it to get too large that you’ll have to replace the entire gutter system.

2.      Not cleaning the gutters regularly

Whether you clean your gutters yourself or get the good folks from Westchester Gutter Cleaning to do it for you, it is important to do it regularly. A poorly maintained gutter can get clogged very easily, which could cause it to sag and eventually break away from the foundation of the house. This is a costly yet completely avoidable mistake.

3.      Not flushing downspouts

Gutter cleaning doesn’t just consist of clearing out the debris and wiping the horizontal part of the drainage system, but a thorough job that includes ensuring the downspouts are flowing well. In order to take adequate care of your downspouts, use a hose to spray water down the spout to make sure it is functioning and flowing freely out of the bottom. If not, call the friendly gutter maintenance team at Westchester Gutter Cleaning to give you a helping hand.

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4.      Damaging the gutters while attempting to clean them

Perhaps you’ve let the ladder rest too heavily on the gutter and the extra weight has bent or buckled a section of the gutter? Or maybe you were about to slip to grabbed onto the gutter (never a good idea), causing it to sag and buckle under your own weight? This is a very dangerous job and should be left to the professionals who have all the right equipment and put safety first. Valhalla Gutter Cleaning.

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