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4 Fun Team Building Exercises

Team building is a tool used today to allow a group of people, generally co-workers, to come closer and develop trusting relationships with one another. It is used to help further develop the group to work in unity for a cause, in a much more efficient manner long term. There are many different exercises to use, and if you are organizing an event, you want to choose the best activities. This article will help you by offering 4 of the most effective team-building exercises. (Related topics: birthday packages, kids parties, family fun)

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Businesses will always seek to take advantage of team-building days as it can benefit them long-term in the results of the company. A team that can work together well in stressful times will succeed over a team that works for themselves. So, this is why there is such a big emphasis on finding ways for a team to bond with each other. Team-building exercises can vary from classroom activities to outdoor adventures, but all have the same end goal.



This exercise focuses on finding a silver lining for bad situations. It helps further develop better insights into each other’s lives, allowing for closer relationships. The purpose for winner/loser is for one person to share a bad experience with the group, and the rest find positives from that situation, and so on.


Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will breed confidence, encourage people to communicate with other personnel, and widen social circles. The purpose of a scavenger hunt is for teams of people to complete a list of objectives, no matter how silly or goofy they may be, and the team that completes the most tasks win.


Egg Drop

The egg drop is a great team-building exercise that allows a team to work towards one common goal, allowing each member of the team to contribute and offer their thoughts and opinions on how best to complete the task. The idea is for each group to be given an uncooked egg, and various supplies to wrap the egg. The team that can drop the egg the highest without it breaking wins the task.


Blind Drawing

Communication and creativity are two traits desired for almost every job role, and blind drawing excels in bringing out the best of these traits. The idea of this task is to have one person drawing an image blindfolded that only they know, and the rest of the team are trying to figure out what that image is. It will likely be a difficult task to guess, so it encourages each other to work together and get involved.

These team building tasks are designed to bring a team together and develop their skills over time so that they can work more efficiently together in the long run. These tasks above are a mix of classroom and outdoor activities that don’t require many tools and will be sure to promote the positive aspects of team building.