4 Games for Your Christmas Party

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Struggling to figure out some fun activities for Christmas? This article can give you a few ideas for Christmas games that are perfect for any holiday party. (Related topic: event spaces)

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These Christmas party games are easy and you can play them with things you usually find around the house. These games are almost guaranteed to keep kids and adults entertained during Christmas.

The Snowman Shake

You’ll need: White ping pong balls, tissue boxes, duct tape, and a pantyhose.

Play it like this: Make the white ping pong balls look like snowmen faces, and fill an empty tissue box with the snowmen ping pong balls. Tape the tissue box to someone’s backside.
The objective of the game is to shake all of the snowmen out of the tissue box before the time runs out. If you prefer not to decorate the ping pong balls like snowmen you can use ornaments instead.

The Jingle Bell Jam

You’ll need: Gift boxes, jingle bells, and holiday wrapping paper.

Play it like this: Fill five boxes with different amounts of jingle bells and wrap them as holiday presents before the party.
The goal of the game is to determine how many jingle bells are in each box by shaking them and putting them in order from the most jingle bells to the least.

The North Pole Pop

You’ll need: Balloons and winter gloves.

Play it like this: What you want is to pop 10 balloons using just your hands with winter gloves before the time runs out.

The Reindeer Wrap

You’ll need: Brown crepe paper and a reindeer headband.

Play it like this: Choose a teammate and wrap him or her in crepe paper from head to toe, finish by topping your paper covered teammate with the reindeer headband to finish the challenge. If a player breaks the crepe paper, the others can continue wrapping to cover them completely.

Snowball Fight

You’ll need: White ping pong balls, a fishbowl, and cotton balls.

Play it like this: Bounce the white ping pong balls into an empty fishbowl at the other end of the table while the other players throw cotton balls at the ping pong balls the player is bouncing, trying to knock the ping pong balls out of the way.

If you bounce the ping pong ball into the bowl you win and is someone else’s turn.

Just in case these don’t seem what you’re looking for, try checking online for the rules of the games in the following list:

-Naughty or Nice

-Marshmallow munch

-Candy cane catch

-Toy touchdown

-Elf toss

-Rudolph Race

-All through the house

-Ornament roll


-Trim the Tree

-Mommy kissing Santa

-Jingle bell rock and roll

-Let it snow

-White Christmas

-Water toss

-Fill the stockings

-I want a hula hoop

-Sugar plums dancing

-Twelve days of Christmas

-Secret Santa

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