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4 Steps for Perfectly Packaging your Products

When packaging products, it is imperative to have into account certain aspects so that they are shipped in the best conditions possible and reach their final destination intact. Below, we’ve prepared a summary of the most important steps to ensure that your products are packed well before leaving for shipping.

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  1. Select the type of Material in Which the Product Will Be Sent

This first step is the most important of all. Depending on the product you are shipping, you must select a type of packaging that is the most appropriate for it. For example, if you’re shipping electronics, you should use a VCI bag or VCI paper or, if you’re shipping flowers, you must use desiccant packs. Additionally, the carton box in which the products will be stored must also be selected carefully. Ideally, use a carton box that does not leave much space between the product and the box itself. In this way, situations like the products being damaged because of excessive movement can be avoided. A great option is to get a custom box but if this is not possible, get the box that best accommodates to the products’ size.

  1. Add Extra Protection if Necessary

In case you don’t have a custom box, and there is considerable space between the products and the box, it is necessary that you fill this space with an additional protective material. Air protectors are highly useful as well as bottle protectors, in case you are shipping wine, oil or anything that is packed in a bottle.

  1. Close your Box Properly

If the box is not closed properly, it does not matter if you selected the best box and adjusted it properly, the products will most likely come out by accident. This is the reason why properly closing the box is so important. It must be done with specialized tapes such as commercial and military tape.

  1. Add any Labels or Decoration, If Necessary

Nowadays, it is common that companies decorate or put special labels on the boxes where their products are shipped to differentiate themselves from other similar companies in the industry. If you decide to do so, make sure that you are using material that was specifically designed for shipping decoration purposes. In the long run, you will save costs and many complications.