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Direct response marketing

5 Direct Response Marketing Factors to Consider

Marketing strategies today are fast moving with the digital age due to the increased use from the public over the last decade. With that being said, some other strategies are still very effective and do not need adjustments to increase or maintain its success rate in regards to marketing. Direct response marketing is a customer targeted form of marketing and can be used in a plethora of different ways to engage with those targeted. (Related topics: direct response marketing, direct response advertising, direct response agency)

Generally, for many business owners, it will seem apparent that marketing and advertising are necessary to reach new sets of customers, but often people don’t act on this with a solid written plan. If you are considering spending on advertising for the first time or looking to get more out of your existing campaigns, understanding what you are trying to accomplish is critical before making an investment.

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Determining Where to Advertise

This is hugely dependent on the services or products offered. The goal is to focus on the targeted audience and where your potential customers will be. Once this is understood, you can start to make plans for the next step.


Creating a Plan with Purpose and Strategy

Planning is key to a successful direct response marketing strategy. You can use several different frameworks to help you with this such as S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely), F.A.S.T (Frequently Discussed, Ambitious, Specific, Transparent) or others to help you start off.


Understand that once you have your audience, the advertising should be directed towards them. Direct response advertising is not a one fits all strategy and you will need to apply this to your form of advertisement.



Timing and location are very important for direct response marketing. These variables need to be thought of to accommodate for the directed audience you are targeting.



Direct response marketing may seem like a rather quick and easy way of marketing as the aim is to get a response from the targeted customers. However, it is not always going to be a quick process and patience and resilience will be needed to appreciate the benefits in full.