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5 Foods to Eat on Easter Weekend

One of the biggest events of the year is Easter weekend. People celebrate it in different ways; some focus on why we celebrate Easter, some have family gatherings, and some have full-blown parties. Whatever you decide to do this year, it will likely involve cooking. So why not have a look at these choices of foods to have this Easter weekend? (Related: special events, venue rental)

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You might not necessarily associate Easter with the typical foods you eat, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. But there are actually quite a few traditions that people follow regarding food on Easter.

Hot Cross Buns ÔÇô Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, hot cross buns are palm-sized sweet bread rolls with raisins that have a cross on the top of them. They are usually cut in half; butter is added and then they are heated up. A very delicious snack you should be trying this Easter!

Boiled Eggs ÔÇô We have chocolate eggs but why not real eggs? Boiled eggs with toast are a great way to start off your Easter at breakfast time to get in with the Easter spirit.

Roast Lamb ÔÇô Jesus is referred to as the ÔÇ£lamb of GodÔÇØ by Christians, so it has become very common to eat lamb for supper on Easter Weekend, especially Easter Sunday. It can be eaten with lots of different vegetables like potatoes, beans, carrots, broccoli, etc. Finish with a meaty gravy to complete that perfect combination. It is not the easiest meal to prepare for a large group of people, but it will certainly leave everybody impressed.

Roasted Ham ÔÇô Typically more common to be found on the tables of American households at Easter. Partly due to the availability of it and the cheaper cost. But one other reason why it has become common for Easter is that farmers used to feed the pigs lots in summer to then harvest in the fall. Then the process of curing would usually finish around Easter time.

Simnel Cake ÔÇô Simnel cake has become a specialty for Easter deserts. It is a fruit cake layered with marzipan. It is decorated with 11 balls, which represent the disciples of Jesus Christ. It is 11 and not 12 because it doesnÔÇÖt include Judas who betrayed Jesus.

So, give these options a go for your Easter festivities this year and wow your family and friends with these delicious foods.

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