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5 Steps Used to Create Professional Flower Arrangements

Creating the perfect flower arrangement is both an art and a science. Professional flower shops go through a variety of steps in the creative process to make sure each flower arrangement is its own masterpiece. Have you ever been curious about some of the ways that the professionals create their unique and masterful flower arrangements? We will be providing you with an inside look at 5 steps that are used to create flower arrangements below. Flower arrangements in Somers, NY, are always a great way to spread joy to your friends, loved ones, and anyone else that deserves it.

  1. Gathering the Best and Freshest Materials

A flower arrangement will fall flat if it doesn’t consist of the freshest flowers that the florist can find. The florist will usually choose flowers based on their color palette and size. It takes a creative eye to make the arrangement really pop. The occasion also can influence what flowers are eventually chosen.

  2. Selecting the Right Vessel

The vessel is essentially the receptacle that will house the flower arrangement. Glass or plastic vessels are common. Many of the best florists like to keep the vessel simple to emphasize the flowers and the colors in the arrangement. After all, the vessel isn’t the star of the show, it’s the flowers!

  3. Create the Base

The base of a great flower arrangement is usually created with statement flowers. The florist will cut down the base flowers to match the height of the vase. They always make sure not to cut the base flowers too short as well. Spacing and size is key when creating the base for Flower arrangements in Greenwich, NY.

  4. Adding in Taller Flowers

After the base of the arrangement has been established, the florist will go in and add taller flowers to create texture and height for the arrangement. A good florist understands how to combine different flower types with different sizes to make the arrangement really come to life.

  5. Fill in the Arrangement with Greenery

Most arrangements will include greenery to provide a nice color contrast between the amazing looking colors that the flower provide. Greenery can also add fullness to the arrangement.

These are some of the typical steps that professional florists will follow to create their best flower arrangements. Many Flower shops in Somers, NY, will emphasise these techniques to create a truly memorable floral arrangement.