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6 Different Types of Corporate Events

Corporate events are usually held a few times a year and they can vary from golfing tournaments to company-wide seminars. Therefore, corporate events are held for different reasons. (Related topics: Corporate Events, Private Events Facility, Event Spaces)

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The first thing to consider is no matter how informal it may seem, you will still be representing the company you are working for, and there will be a reason you are having the event in regards to the company.

One of the more formal corporate events, a seminar is used to supply certain information to the relevant audience. It is usually one of the larger events with lots of attendance and will typically have a few different speakers lasting just a few hours.

Golf Events
Golf events are used typically to hold an informal business meeting or to help keep business relationships. It is something which is not usual for a normal employee at a company, but someone who is regarded highly within the company.

Conference Meetings
Similar to seminars, but have a smaller audience and is usually held over the time period of a few days. Often held at hotels.

Trade Shows
Generally, trade shows are used for companies to boost their image in the industry by showing what they have to offer. It is also a good opportunity for companies to collaborate and grow business relationships.

Team Building Events
Team building events are a tool that is used to allow employees to build better relationships with one another. In turn, this benefits the company to get the best out of the employees.

Product Launch Events
Product launch events are held to show off a certain product. It can be used as a marketing tool to promote a product. Sometimes it will only be done with employees so they can learn about a new product.