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6 Foods You Should be Eating on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patricks day is now widely becoming more and more popular each year. It is widely celebrated all across the world and people get together to celebrate the life of St. Patrick. He became a key figure to help spread the word of God in Ireland, where Christianity is now a very big part of life. (Related: Special EventsCelebration Facility)

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People celebrate the day in good spirits, by dressing up, playing games, going dancing, drinking alcohol and eating food. This article will offer 6 different foods that you can eat to celebrate your St. Patricks day correctly.

Irish Bacon – Typically when you hear the words bacon, you will envision thin crispy pieces of pork that you would have in your burger or BLT. But bacon is defined as a cut from any part of the pig that isn’t the leg. Irish bacon resembles what is normally know as ham. It wouldn’t be St. Patricks day in Ireland without having Irish ham.

Lamb Stew – Lamb stew is about as traditional as you can get in Ireland. It is eaten all year round and is full of hearty goodness. Often, it is prepared the day before they eat it, so the meat can absorb all of the juices and flavors.

Cottage Pie – An easy to make and delicious meal. Cottage pie is made of ground beef in a gravy like stock, topped with mash potato, which is then baked until the mash is crispy golden. A dish you can’t go wrong with.

Rhubarb Tart – A very traditional desert to have in Ireland. A pie or a tart which is filled with rhubarb and strawberry filling wrapped in a pastry. Best served warm to really enjoy this dish.

Corned Beef With Cabbage and Potatoes – Although it is not a dish you will typically have in Ireland, it was made in America from Irish migrants and has stuck since. In America you can find this dish in a lot of places on St. Patricks day.

Soda Bread – Soda bread is very traditional in Ireland. It has a slight tangy taste, often used as a direct replacement for bread, but It can be used in many different ways, so be creative.