A tea party can be the perfect idea for your child’s next party

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Spring is around the corner and as the temperature rises, so does the opportunity for outdoor celebrations. However, if you want to enjoy what’s left of winter in the comfort of an indoor space, a tea party can still be a good fit. The hot beverages and delicious food will certainly comfort your guests and is a great idea to teach the kids how not all parties have to be on a laser tag arena.


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Whether you’re throwing a winter themed tea party or a spring tea party, remember that the central element of the event should be the tea and what the tradition of tea implies, such as beautiful china with floral motif, teapots, finger sandwiches, fragrant cakes, plate towers, and all sorts of delicious treats presented on beautifully decorated tables.

The main difference between a spring and a winter tea party –besides the color palette– is the menu. For a spring tea party you may include cold beverages as lemonades or cold infusions to pair with salads, sandwiches with green, fresher ingredients, lighter cakes and cookies, seasonal fruit plates and even ice cream treats.

For a winter tea, you’ll go with hot, rich beverages instead. Further, sandwiches can be more meaty, saucy and hot. Spreads and dips can be heavier and instead of fresh seasonal fruit you can go with berries, a cheese plates and cold meats like prosciutto or parma ham. Desserts can also be heavier and richer as well as your other treats.

The décor for winter and spring may vary in terms of colors and textures but flowers are still a common element of tea parties. Whether you incorporate them as motif for your china, your table cloths and other elements or if you just use actual flowers to decorate the space, the important bit is that the flowers match the season and harmonize with the rest of the décor.

EngageNewswire.com EngageNewswire.com is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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