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Artificial intelligence continues to expand its level of impact and their reach. The shipping container industry is not an exception and, as technology becomes more complex, machine learning and artificial intelligence become more accurate and data-driven solutions increase their dominion over the market. And the effects of these waves can be perceived in the container industry. (Related topics: portable storage containersstorage containers)

Tracking systems are becoming more and more sophisticated thanks to the integration of machine learning. Some clients are demanding storage and shipping containers that come with built-in and integrated security systems that can be easily monitored thanks to machine learning and AI-powered technologies.

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For example, not too long ago, IBM and Maersk announced the launch of TradeLens, a system that will change the shipping container and logistics industry forever.  This newly developed electronic shipping ledger registers and tracks the details of cargo shipments as they leave their origin, arrive in ports, are shipped overseas and eventually received at their destination.

Other companies are working on systems that can monitor portable storage containers internal fluctuations in temperature, oxygen levels, and other factors that may have a significant impact on the goods stored inside the container.

For other players, the most important bits are security related, and they’re looking for storage and shipping containers that come with built-in smart locks that provide extra security. Others also want a complementary satellite-monitored camera system that helps keep track of their goods every step of the way.

For those who’ve been for years in this industry, it’s time to start picking up on the new trends and technologies that are being developed to further their efforts and business goals. Otherwise, they may end up getting replaced by the newcomers that are using cutting-edge technologies to meet their clients’ needs more efficiently and at a fraction of the price. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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