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Are Humidity Indicator Cards Really Necessary?

There’s nothing worse than shipping a product to a loved one or client and it arriving damaged.  Even if it was in perfect condition when you shipped it, there’s no knowing what kind of elements the package was exposed to during transit.  The biggest culprit of a damaged package is moisture.  Even if the package isn’t exposed to rain, just being in a humid environment for too long could affect the functionality of products.  Due to this, there are protective packaging available such as desiccant packs, moisture barrier bags, and humidity indicator cards.  Humidity indicator cards indicate if your protective packaging did their job, but are they really necessary?

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Humidity indicator cards indicate the level of humidity inside each package.  They have moisture sensitive spots on each card that change from blue to pink depending on the humidity.  When the humidity is less than 10 percent inside the package, the card will have blue circles, meaning that the environment was dry.  When the circles are pink, on the other hand, that means that the environment was wet.

The damage that could occur to a product entirely depends on what kind of product it is.  Food, for example, may grow mold or have a changed texture, such as in coffee.  If the product is an electronic device, it could completely ruin the functionality of the device.  Although the purpose of humidity indicator cards are not to protect the package like moisture barrier bags or desiccant packs, it’s important to know if you need to check your product for damage.  If you receive a cellphone in the mail and the humidity indicator card says it was in a humid environment, you should check the functionality of the phone so that you can take necessary measures to return or fix it.

Make sure to include a humidity indicator card in your protective packaging to ensure your products are in top-condition!