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Are You Sending Electronic Devices Through the Mail?

Electronic devices are becoming so advanced in today’s society that it is forcing the older technologies out. What used to be so incredibly complex and unique is becoming more and more normal. Furthermore, with these technological advances, we are seeing more sensitive and valuable devices becoming available for regular members of society. With the increase in value and exclusivity, it is not advised to mail these technologies with regular packaging. This article will show you what you should opt for to send electronic devices through the mail. (Related topics: military tape, anti-static bags, VCI paper)

Electronic devices come complete with a protective outer layer to not damage the contents of the device such as laptop shell, phone screen, etc. However, in many instances, this layering may not be sufficient enough, especially when in transit.

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Moisture and Humidity Protection

Everyone knows how disastrous water and electronics can be together. When sending an electronic device overseas through shipping or on an airplane, there is an increased risk of moisture and humidity impacting the quality of your device. You can use moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs to provide that extra layer of protection for your product.


Static Protection

Electrostatic fields can cause an array of imbalances to an electronic device. This may alter the characteristics of the equipment and potentially cause irreversible damages. Protecting a sensitive electronic device from electrostatic fields is relatively simple with static shielding or anti static bags that form a protective layer.


General Package Integrity

Away from electronic characteristics, any package that is needed to be sent through the mail is subject to a small chance of damage when in transit. A package will go through many hands and different places to reach the end location. Ensure you protect your package sufficiently from physical damage such as a drop or a bang.

If something happens to your electronics when sending through the post, the mailing company may cover your losses with insurance. However, you should try your best to avoid this situation as it only provides headaches, as well as the lost time. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how you may need to treat the process of sending electronic devices through the mail.