Google Launches the Knowledge Graph for Better and More ÔÇ£HumanisticÔÇØ Web Searches

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Oracle Digital, an Internet marketing company known for its advanced approaches to SEO and its other virtual tools, has honed their online methods and strategies to allow businesses handle the changes that have been taking place in the virtual world.

This move is in relation to the release of GoogleÔÇÖs Knowledge Graph and Google Penguin, wherein many experts and analysts have declared that online businesses must be able to respond accordingly to avoid any adverse effects in the end.

On May 16, 2012, Google announced that it will be coming out with its new Knowledge Graph, which, according to industry experts, is a development that will bring significant changes as to how SERPs or search engine result pages are to be delivered. This new development has now gradually started in the United States, and eventually moving on to mobile and tablet devices, as well as non-English languages.

According to Google, the purpose of this modification is to help search engines have a more human approach ÔÇô which will be reflected by search results for the weeks and months ahead. In a statement made by the company, it said that the change “taps into the collective intelligence of the web and understands the world a bit more like people do.”

As clarified by experts, the Knowledge Graph has been designed to tap into different sources of public information, such as Freebase, Wikipedia, the CIA World Factbook, as well as over 500 million separate objects ÔÇô that will be combined together in order to create approximately 3.5 billion additional facts and relationships about different topics, subjects and categories.

Experts have also explained that although these new developments may bring in significant changes to the forefront ÔÇô it is one which can certainly bring numerous advantages, such as better and more accurate Google search results.

Clint Maher, Oracle DigitalÔÇÖs Director of Operations, has this to say about the Knowledge Graph: ÔÇ£The new Google Knowledge Graph and the Google Penguin update, although both having significant effects on the SEO efforts of a business, are things that should not be feared. But, they must not be left unheeded as well.ÔÇØ

And in explaining how one should go about with these new developments, Maher says, ÔÇ£SEO has not just suddenly changed, it has always been about creating awesome content. It doesnÔÇÖt have to be that difficult as long as you find a company that actually knows what they are doing.ÔÇØ In the end, if one wants to take advantage of the recent developments that have been brought about by Google ÔÇô one will have to carefully look into the strategies and procedures that it is using to make things work. And this is what Oracle Digital brings into the fray.

Oracle Digital is an SEO Company in Perth that provides other services as well, such as its rapid support desk, reputation management methods, Internet marketing and other virtual tools ÔÇô to clients from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and other parts of Australia.

Engage Newswire services provides the most relevant Business, Technology News and Press Releases on the web.

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