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Can The Bizzabo App Crack The Messy Conference Networking Problem? Maybe.

A number of companies have tried to crack the problem of having an app at a business conference which allows you to connect to the people around you, see the agenda and make business connections. So itÔÇÖs encouraging to see the official launch today of Bizzabo on the iPhone and Android, but which ÔÇô crucially ÔÇô provides a self-service web interface for event organizers. ItÔÇÖs that last part thatÔÇÖs key ...

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With New ÔÇ£InboxÔÇØ Feature, Asana Is Looking More Like That Email Slayer WeÔÇÖre All Longing For

Email. Everybody hates it but no tech company has figured out how to replace its old post-office metaphor with something more intuitive for the modern world. But Asana, the high-profile task management company started by early Facebookers, is taking a shot at this goal with a new feature called Inbox. This isnÔÇÖt a direct competitor to email, though, as cofounder Justin Rosenstein related to me during a demo earlier this week. Instead, ...

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Y Combinator Alum Citus Data Wants To Make Scalable Data Analytics Accessible To Anyone

As companies from small startups to large enterprise continue to generate an ever-increasing amount of data, the demand for affordable and scalable databases also increases. Typically, this market has been the domain of large vendors like Oracle, but besides them and the usual open-source players, weÔÇÖve also seen a growing number of closed-source startups enter this space. Citus Data, which is launching version 1.0 of its CitusDB today, is the ...

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The Google Nexus Tablet: The Top 6 Must-Have Features

Google I/O is nearly upon us, and all signs point to Google revealing a tablet later today. The device leaked and then over the last few hours several high-level sources confirmed the deviceÔÇÖs existence. ItÔÇÖs likely a low-end, 7-inch tablet powered by GoogleÔÇÖs latest mobile operating system, Jelly Bean. Try as they might, Google has yet to deliver an answer to the iPad. Most Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablets were ...

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Social Fitness Tracker Endomondo Hits 10 Million Users, Tracks 250K Workouts Each Day

Fitness tracking service Endomondo first launched back in 2008, and it seems they havenÔÇÖt stopped picking up steam since then. The team has just announced on the companyÔÇÖs official blog that their service now plays home to 10 million registered users ÔÇö not too shabby, especially considering that roughly three million of them have signed up for the service since the beginning of 2012. If youÔÇÖre still unacquainted with Endomondo, think of ...

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Square Card Reader App Gets Top-Requested Feature: Admin Accounts & Permissions

Today, mobile payments startup Square is rolling out what the company says is the most heavily-requested feature by its merchants to date: user permissions. What this means is that business owners will now be able to enable their staff to use Square devices to accept payments without having to provide those employees with access to the same sensitive information that a business owner may see on their end. Until now, owners who wanted ...

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