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One of the primary reasons why electronic devices get damaged is the lack of good quality packaging. Static attracts dust and, although most facilities work really hard and maintain various practices to keep dust at bay, it is almost inevitable to come in contact with it at some point. This means that, for extra sensitive products and components, dust is a synonym of permanent damage. (Related topic: protective packaging, anti-static bags)

Maintaining the right practices and putting the right amount of effort in proper packaging can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your products safe and your customers happy.

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Electrostatic discharges cause virtually no damage to our bodies but, unfortunately, the same can’t be said about electronic components; in fact, they can be severely damaged by an electrostatic discharge. The rule of thumb is that most materials are neutrally charged and when these materials interact with other materials, the electrons on each material move freely between them for as long as they’re in contact, which can lead to one of them becoming more positive than the other and vice versa.

The buildup of heat, friction, pressure, induction or just plain contact, generates that the moment these materials come in contact with another material an electrostatic discharge is released and it produces a shock effect. It’s been determined that a third of electrical product loss comes from static, and since electronic components are usually small, their limited thermal mass makes it difficult for resisting rapid temperature changes.

Electronic products improve every day, becoming smaller and faster, having more and more sensitive components more and, although static electricity does not have much of an impact on our bodies and daily lives, the minuscule spark generated from static electricity can cause those small electronic components to fail.

The right packaging for your static sensitive products will benefit you greatly as you will be able to salvage lots of products and materials, whilst keeping your customers happy. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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