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Big Apple Tutoring Makes Students the Priority


Big Apple Tutoring, LLC has become one of New York City’s best and most sought-after tutoring services for its commitment to excellence, favoring the needs of the student over the desire to make money.

NEW YORK CITY / August **, 2014 — With a new school year upon us, parents who want a better education for their New York City public and private school students have a premium solution in Big Apple Tutoring. With more than a decade of first-rate experience, Big Apple Tutoring has become one of the best, most sought-after academic tutoring services in New York City.

The New York City private and public school system are known for being challenging and complex, with a truly rigorous curricula that includes the PSAT, SAT, Regents, and ELA exams. Without proper academic support, students can too easily fall right through the cracks of a complicated system. Parents who want to make sure their children can keep up frequently seek out the help of tutors.

Big Apple founder and director Daniel C. Levine was inspired to launch his own academic tutoring service after several years of working at many of the top tutoring agencies advertised on television and in print. He witnessed firsthand how many of the top tutoring agencies would hire as many tutors as possible, then farm them out to teach subjects for which they weren’t qualified. The companies raked in money, but at the expense of the students who needed their help.

Tutoring NYC students to make sure they’re fully up to speed is Big Apple’s priority. They cover the gamut of public and private schooling, from kindergarten all the way to college and graduate-level programs. Big Apple Tutoring has earned a well-deserved reputation for employing only tutors and teachers with impeccable resumes, referrals, and recommendations, along with the highest level of experience.

Hailing from such prestigious universities as Harvard, Columbia, Vassar, Tufts, UCLA, Yale, and Stanford, Big Apple’s tutors are not only masters in their fields, but also dynamic people who are outgoing, friendly, and caring. That’s why so many families request the same tutor to work with their child again, year after year.

Whether the student requires help with a specific paper, preparation for standardized tests, or on-going homework assistance, Big Apple Tutoring is equipped to help. Their academic tutoring services can be tailored to fit every client’s need, from a one-time visit to regular weekly sessions. Big Apple also offers homeschooling packages and exclusive private tutoring services for clients who value tremendous discretion.

Unlike other tutoring companies, Big Apple will never try to “up-sell” a client. They believe in giving customers the services they need without trying to squeeze every possible dime out of them. Their commitment is to the student, not to profits.

With a new and improved website, it’s never been easier to contact Big Apple Tutoring to see how their first-rate tutors and teachers can help your student succeed right now.

For more details on how Big Apple Tutoring can suit your tutoring needs, contact them today.