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Blockchain is all the rage nowadays, and it’s having an impact in almost every industry out there; the cargo and container industries are no exception. In fact, thanks to blockchain technologies, the company Blockshipping is creating a Globally Shared Container Platform (GSCP). (Related topic: storage containers for sale DuPage County, Illinois)

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Blockshipping is creating the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP), which is both the first real-time registry of the world’s 27 million (approx.) shipping containers and a joint platform for all players in the global container shipping industry. The GSCP platform will result in industry savings of USD 5.7 billion annually through smarter handling of shipping containers, and it will reduce the global CO2 emissions by at least 4.6 million tons annually.

The first customer announced by the GSCP decided not to disclose its name but it’s a global container carrier with an international rank of 10-20. GSCP has also released the first video showing a prototype of a vital part of the platform.

Blockshipping developed and features a rather unique Revenue Sharing model, which consists in giving back a substantial cut of all of their future revenue on the GSCP to the owners of CCC tokens issued by Blockshipping. This model is based on conservative revenue estimates where they expect to reach a turnover of some USD 30.7 million in just over four years and at that stage giving the CCC holders a yearly reward of approximately 20 percent. Further, there’s a high chance that the price of CCC will increase by then.

Since this GSCP is based on blockchain and other leading technologies, the model is scalable from day one. Blockshipping projects the platform to reach a USD 1 billion turnover in the next 10 years. By then, the CCC token holders will get a yearly reward of more than 113%, if calculated on the basis of the initial price per CCC of USD 0.62. Accumulated rewards for the CCC holders are projected to exceed 400% in accumulated revenue share alone. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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