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A Chester man, named Kieran Molloy, is fully committed to solving the homelessness crisis currently rampant around the world, which is why he started Boomboxes Ltd, a company that transforms shipping containers into fully-functioning homes. (Related topic: portable storage containers)

Molloy’s background in the construction industry and his work give him an advantage when it comes to understanding and knowing the capabilities of containers to become fully-functioning homes that can be made in all designs and sizes and built very quickly.

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But this project goes beyond just developing affordable housing; it also aims to help people turn their lives around by giving them the opportunity of not only having a roof over their heads but also access job opportunities at Boomboxes Ltd. Further, the company is planning to provide training with professionals in different trades to teach local people what they need to find a job that allows them to stand up for themselves.

Boomboxes has suggested that although they don’t have the exact costs, the houses can be built for £35,000 (around $40,000 USD) in a short period of time of around a week. Additionally, working with portable storage containers allow for extra flexibility, meaning that these could be stacked up or be used to extend council properties enabling more people to fit in.

The company recommends using wasteland to build the properties using aid from local councils. They also suggest using these structures to set up mental health and addiction treatment facilities within those communities to tackle some of the causes of the homelessness issue whilst providing an initial solution.

The three company directors have already spoken to Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson, who seems to be supporting the project. The Boomboxes founding team is looking forward to getting more authorities to join and support their initiative. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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