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The need for affordable housing and cheaper construction remains as prevalent as always and cargotecture popularity continues to rise because of it. The quick, cheap and durable solutions portable storage containers offer to the construction industry seem to be endless as the trend of storage container-made structures become more common every day. (Related topics: portable storage containersstorage containers)

A lot has been said about the container-shipping industry being unprofitable during the latter half of the decade. However, people embarking in new architectural projects, including state authorities, seem more than keen to spend on cargotecture projects. From farmers’ markets to emergency first aid stations, and from high fashion stores and coworking spaces to university labs and private homes, the cargotecture trend remains alive and well. In fact, it seems to be on the rise.

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Adjusting to life inside of a steel box can be challenging for some people. Others couldn’t be happier to fit all of the things that matter to them in an affordable space where they can feel safe and sheltered. But whether you’re fond of the idea of repurposed shipping containers or not, these repurposed metal boxes are quick and cost-effective solutions to the increasing housing problem around the world.

Furthermore, repurposing portable storage containers is also a great way to spare the planet a few tons of metal junk that won’t degrade easily, but generate more pollution instead. However, the question for 2019 remains: is the shipping container industry prepared to keep up with the rising cargotecture space? Should portable storage containers providers promote the continuous rising of cargotecture?

The transportation and logistics space is a billionaire industry and chances are that its players are not ready to venture into new spaces yet. Whether it is because they lack the experience in this new space or because they lack the time to make the necessary connections and establish themselves as leaders within a new space, it doesn’t seem like portable storage containers providers will shift their focus to that industry.

Nevertheless, chances are they won’t need to. If the demand for portable storage containers from the construction industry continues to rise, the shipping container providers will still have a large influx of clients from this sector. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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