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What Could Happen if You Don’t Take Your Child to the Dentist

A person’s health should be their top priority.  This is especially true during childhood.  This is because these are their growing years, so their health is fragile and can affect them for the rest of their life.  One of the ways that you can keep your child healthy is by making sure that they have healthy oral hygiene.  One of the ways to do so is by taking them to ...

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What Are Dental Sealants?

Children usually start growing in their first tooth around 6 months old.  By age 3, most children will have all of their baby teeth.  At around 6 years of age, they will start to lose their baby teeth and grow in their permanent teeth.  Of course, after that they won’t lose or grow in any more teeth.  That being said, it’s important that they maintain these teeth, as they’re stuck ...

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How to Prepare Your Child’s Teeth for Fall

Although we’re still enjoying Summer, Fall will be here before we know it.  Fall is the favorite season of a lot of people, and for good reason.  Beautiful weather, lots of family time, and let’s not forget the amazing food.  Not only do we get to enjoy Thanksgiving, but we take this entire season to indulge in delicious food:  pies, hot chocolate, pumpkin flavored desserts, caramel apples, and all different ...

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