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FAQ About Rollover Equity

Many of us have heard of rollover equity, but we may not understand exactly how it works.  To start, we should define what equity is.  Equity is ownership of assets that may have debts or other liabilities attached to them.  Rollover equity, furthermore, is when equity holders in a company decide to roll a portion of their ownership stake into the new equity capital structure by a private equity firm, ...

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opportunity zone tax benefits

Which Areas Qualify as Opportunity Zones?

Opportunity zones are becoming a popular investment opportunity for many people.  They were created in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  When a person invests in an opportunity zone, they receive opportunity zone tax benefits, which is why people are rushing to get involved.  When investors rush, however, sometimes they make mistakes.  One of the mistakes that people make is not investing in a qualified opportunity zone.   The first ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Management Buyout

Investing in a business is a lot of work and responsibility.  Although it’s amazing to see your company grow, at one point or another you may be ready to sell your share of the company.  Usually when an investor wants to sell their ownership in a company, it’s because they see an opportunity in another company.  When this happens, the owner will need a business exit strategy.  An exit strategy ...

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Unitranche Connecticut lawyer

What is Unitranche Debt?

There are different kinds of debt that a person can acquire.  Senior debt, for example, is debt that takes priority over other loans.  Since it has the highest priority, it is usually the lowest risk, meaning it has low interest rates.  Subordinated debt, on the other hand, is any debt that falls behind senior debt.  Since it is not prioritized during payback, this type of debt has higher interest rates.  ...

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