Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing services┬áare a cost-effective and simple way to attract new customers and increase sales. You may hear from many that email marketing is dead, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Email marketing services┬áare still more effective than social media. It is estimated that email marketing is roughly 40 times more effective at attaining new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

These statistics are true only when email marketing is being done correctly by a professional email marketing agency.  There are some email marketing mistakes that should be avoided if you want to improve your email open rates and not run the risk of negatively impacting your brand.

Not putting any thought into the subject line

Approximately 33% of people open their emails based exclusively on the subject line. If your subject line is misleading, your subscribers will lose trust in you because of your lack of transparency. The same way you wonÔÇÖt read a book if the title doesn’t capture your interest, or an article with a boring headline, your subscribers wonÔÇÖt even bother to open your emails if your subject line is over-hyped, boring, or deceptive.


Inconsistency in sending emails will only halt your marketing efforts. You want to make sure that you always stay on your customersÔÇÖ minds and consistent emails can help you achieve that. Sending emails on a regular basis will also help improve brand awareness and build trust with your customers.

Lack of responsive design

Now 53% of emails are being opened on mobile devices and 70% of email recipients will immediately delete the email if it is not optimized for mobile device viewing. It is essential that your emails use a responsive design so that customers can conveniently read your emails on their mobile devices without having to scroll from side to side and without having a part of the text cut off. If a customer has to put in too much effort to read your email, it will most likely end up getting deleted.

Effective email marketing services provided by a professional email marketing agency can take your small business to the next level. Solutions for Growth is a full service email marketing agency that helps small businesses grow sales with affordable professional marketing tailored to their unique needs. Contact Solutions for Growth today for all your marketing needs.

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