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Common Problems Which Occur After a Divorce

Life is a rollercoaster; you have your ups and downs. A particular ÔÇ£upÔÇØ moment in your life will come in the form of marriage. A sweet period of time where you solidify a bond between the person you love. But unfortunately, today an estimated 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. (Related: family law Westchester, divorce mediation attorney)

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But what happens after a divorce and what are the implications that can happen to your life and those who are directly involved?

Emotionally Confused

Depending on the circumstances, moving on can a difficult period which you might have trouble accepting. Generally, a break up will go one of two ways; you only think about the other person in good light or you resent the other person.

Children Behavioural Issues

A divorce can actually have many negative effects on the lives of the children involved. Some divorces may be worse than others, and when a child is exposed to certain things from a young age, it can change the way they see the world and can lead to problems like depression, addiction, and anger issues.

Financial Loss

Many marriages are broken due to financial arguments and disagreements. But it can potentially get worse in the process of a divorce. If you accumulate debts and assets you must decide how to divide them between each other along with paying for child support if children are involved. Also, there may be fees involved for a divorce if it goes to court, such as lawyer fees.

Mental Health

The process of a divorce is a massive event. The changes in your life will be huge, from where you live, who you speak to, how people see you, etc. Obviously, this depends on how and why the divorce happens. But regardless, it is a big change in your life, and it can easily leave you overwhelmed with everything that is happening around you and can potentially lead to mental illnesses.


A common occurrence which happens after divorces is the increased addiction of certain things like alcohol, gambling, and even drug abuse. These addictions usually start because people want to get away from their situation but over time it can lead to serious problems.

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