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Storage containers are known for their role in the supply chain and how millions of businesses depend on them. Nevertheless, cargotecture has become more prevalent and given these metal boxes a completely different meaning. (Related topics: portable storage containersstorage containers)

And this meaning has now reached the hospitality industry. An industry that has been disrupted by many factors lately. From the increasing needs of sustainability to the rise of Airbnb, the hospitality industry has been directly affected by the changes in consumer behavior, market sizes, and market needs.

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That’s why even traditional hospitality firms and industry giants are turning to cargotecture to ensure the hospitality industry keeps up with the innovations that are key to the success of their businesses.

Eco-friendliness and upcycling come together with innovative industrial design and modern architecture to bring storage container hotels. The following are some examples of storage container hotels that are pioneering in the intersection where the cargotecture meets the hospitality industry.

There are hotels inspired by winemaking and properties designed to blend in with their surroundings, all of them offering a unique experience.

The Hougoumont Hotel Fremantle in Fremantle, Australia, is a building constructed in 1901 that has incorporated shipping storage containers to create luxe accommodation for this port town. It sports a naval design that suits the surroundings. You can visit the nearby Shipwreck Galleries containing nautical relics dating to the 1600s.

Then, there’s Tiny Urban Escapes in Indianapolis, Indiana, a few minutes from downtown Indianapolis in the verdant Eagle Creek Park. This hotel is made of five luxury semi-glass cabins built out of recycled portable storage containers by Canadian designer Glasshaus featuring minimalist decor. Every container in this hotel has an over-the-bed chandelier, a private deck with a modern lounge chair, and an ottoman. In the common area, there is a shared fire pit or people can choose to explore the grounds with the container’s complimentary bikes. Additionally, there’s a Bohemian picnic, a private chef dinner alfresco, or an outdoor wellness experience with yoga and energy healing. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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