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Custody Considerations

Deciding to enter a divorce mediation or partner breakup will often lead to custody mediation, depending on how the separation occurred, this will obviously be a big change in everybodyÔÇÖs life who is involved. There are certain considerations that should be thought of when entering these negotiations. (Related: custody mediation, family law Westchester)

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What is the best arrangement possible?

In the past, many cases would see the mother get custody of the child/children and the terms are down to her. But in recent years, this has been subject to change as this is not always the best option for those involved. The quality of life a child will have depends on their surroundings, it is important to consider this when negotiating for custody.

Joint custody is when both parents take care of the children but split the time between homes. This is the best option for the child, as they will see both parents still and be able to create equal bonds with them. Leading to a better-quality upbringing with less or no resentment.

What if you canÔÇÖt make arrangements?

A problem which occurs often is that both parents want custody of the child/children and canÔÇÖt come to a mutual agreement. The only fair way to decide what is best for the children involved will be for a court to decide. In certain cases, there can be hostility towards the divorcees, and this can only have negative implications on the child/childrenÔÇÖs upbringing, leading to the custodian revoking the opportunity of the other parent from seeing the child/children and furthermore damaging the psychology of those involved. This period of time will not be easy for all involved and someone will feel hard done by. But the court will take into consideration everything and give the best option to the parent who can provide best, in time, money and safety.

The number one consideration should be the best interest of the child/children involved. They shouldnÔÇÖt suffer from this decision and shouldnÔÇÖt show any resent to either parent, in regards to how the divorce or separation occurred and the result of which.

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