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Do I Need Shelves in My Storage Container?

Storage containers are a great place to put your belongings when your house no longer has space.  Just because you’re putting things in storage, though, doesn’t mean that those items don’t have any importance.  Most items can be put in boxes in your storage container, but there are some things that should be more strategically placed to ensure that they are better taken care of.  An easy way to separate your fragile items from the rest is to install shelves in your storage container.  Listed below are some of the things that would benefit from being put on a shelf, rather than in boxes.  (Related topics: portable storage containers, storage containers for sale)

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Glass Items

Glass items such as plates, cups, and jars should be kept on shelves as opposed to boxes.  If you store them in boxes on the ground, it’s possible that they will break or crack, which would not only ruin the item, but it can be hazardous to unpack.



Guitars, flutes, violins, or any instrument that you have should be stored with caution.  Instruments can be expensive and have sentimental value, so they should be handled with care.


Commonly Used Items

If you are putting things in your storage container that you know you will be accessing soon or on a regular basis, you should put them in a place that is easy obtain.  By doing so, you will save the time and frustration of looking through all the other boxes in your storage.


Dangerous Items

Items such as knives, razor blades, or anything that can be dangerous should be stored with caution.  By putting them on shelves, you will avoid any accidental harm that may happen if you pack them with the rest of your belongings.


Expensive Items

Your belongings that are expensive should be strategically placed on shelves to preserve their appearance and functionality.  This can include artwork, jewelry, purses, or anything that is important to you.