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Everything You Need to Know About Humidity Indicator Cards

If you’re sending a package through the mail, you should be cautious of the moisture that your package could be exposed to.  To keep your package safe, you should utilize protective packaging and humidity indicator cards; humidity indicator cards monitor the moisture in the air and indicate the humidity level inside the package.  This article introduces more information on humidity indicator cards and why you should use them in your next shipment.

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How do humidity indicator cards work?

There are moisture sensitive spots on the humidity indicator cards that change from blue to pink depending on the level of humidity in your package.  The color blue indicates that the environment is dry, while pink means that it is humid.


What products should I use humidity indicator cards with?

Any product that you are worried about getting ruined by humidity should have humidity indicator cards.  This includes electronic devices, artwork, musical instruments, or food.


Why do I need to use humidity indicator cards?

If you know that your product can get ruined by moisture, it could benefit you from using these cards.  If the card says that the environment was dry, you won’t have to worry that your product was damaged.  If it indicates that it was exposed to humidity, you should check if your product was harmed.


Can I reuse my humidity indicator card?

You can reuse your humidity indicator card but you will need to replace it when the colors of the dots start to fade.

Make sure to pair your humidity indicator card with other protective packaging products such as desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags.  With these products, you can feel confident that your products weren’t ruined by humidity.  If you’re protecting against other possible damage such as corrosion or electrostatic fields, you can use VCI paper or anti-static bags.