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Everything You Need to Know to Correctly Secure Your Packages

The truth is that there isn’t a one solution fits all scenario for packaging. Some forms of packaging and methodology can provide more benefits; however, they may not prove to be efficient in certain circumstances. Moreover, for the majority of packages, you will benefit greatly from a few tips that can improve package security. This article will provide some great tips to help you better prepare your packages in the future. (Related topics: military tape, anti-static bags, VCI paper)

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Strong Outer Packaging

The first layer of defense for your package must be strong enough to withstand moderate amounts of impact. If compromised, the contents of your package are at threat of becoming damaged (depending on what it is).


Fill Gaps Inside Package

If the contents of your package are significantly smaller than the outer package layer, then you will need to fill in the gaps. The package will likely be subject to bumps and bangs while in transit, and the gaps inside the package doesn’t offer any cushioning for knocks.


Use Strong Tape

To ensure your package is securely closed and not obviously tampered, you should use strong tape, preferably military tape. Military tape is strong and sticks down very well, ensuring your package is secure.


Some Items May Require Additional Protective Layers

If you are sending a delicate package, you may need to take extra precautions in protecting it during transit. People often don’t realize that humidity, moisture, and electrostatic energy are common effects during transportation for a package. If your package is susceptible to these elements, you will need to ensure they are adequately protected.

Each package is different and may benefit from other approaches. However, the main point of this article is to help you take certain information that may be helpful when you send packages in the future. By utilizing some of these package strengthening tips, you can have the peace of mind when sending any valuables in the mail.