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Family Mediation: Everything You Need to Know

Any process of mediation will not exactly be something which you will receive great joy from. But it is necessary to move forward with this formal and mutual agreement, where all parties concerned will receive what is best for them. (Related: family law Westchester, custody mediation)

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What Is It?

Family mediation is the process where families can decide certain arrangements for the children involved with the help of a mediator to ensure things are done properly and to add useful information to try and help all parties get what they want. The mediator does not tell them what to do but will advise about certain matters regarding the decisions presented.

When Do You Need It?

You may need a mediator for many different situations regarding the future of assets or arrangements for your family. Usually, this will occur after a family breakdown and they would not know what to do next. A mediator will work with both of the parties involved to help find a solution which best suits everyone; if there is a disagreement communication, can be poor and the mediator will help solve that problem.

Benefits of Family Mediation

• Control over decisions made instead of the court determining circumstances.

• Ensuring that you are adhering to laws and determining a fair decision.

• A less stressful and formal way of settling sensitive matters.

• Repairing communication between all parties.

• Opportunity for all parties to have their say.

• A quicker and cheaper way than court or other agreements.

• Opportunity for agreements to suit both parties as much as possible for now and the future.

What Happens After

The agreement drafted up by the mediator, called the memorandum of understanding, will show the agreement between each other in writing. After the process is completed, you will feel relieved to make an agreement without having to go through the stresses of court and also high fees that may arise.

Family mediation is a great option that people should take advantage of before things get too out of control. It is understandable that there may be disagreements after a breakdown, but the children should not suffer for it. Family mediation allows for an easy process that can benefit everybody in the long term.