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Food to Prepare for Your Cinco de Mayo Party

Mexico is a country with an almost unmatched cuisine across the world. The flavors which come from this country are so exotic and unique, it leaves you wanting more and more with each bite! So, what a better time to really indulge in this food than Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo has become such a big nationwide event for many, and this article will give you options of food to serve when you are hosting your next Cinco de Mayo Party. (Related: birthday packages, kids parties)

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Mexican cuisine is simple but also extremely tasty, making it a win-win for you and your party guests as these tasty meals are relatively easy to prepare! LetÔÇÖs take a look at the options you have.

Baby Burritos

Burritos are delightful packages bursting with flavor. They are usually tortillas filled with rice, a protein, pinto beans, salsa, cheese, guacamole, and many more ingredients. They may be a little heavy to serve your guests at a party, so why not make your own easy to eat baby burritos.


Everybody loves tacos! So simple, but so delightful. Either prepared with a hard or soft shell, tacos are usually filled with a protein, lettuce, and sauce. So easy to prepare, but also so easy to eat!


The classic fajita is something you just cannot go wrong with: a tortilla filled with a protein, peppers, and onion. You donÔÇÖt have to prepare these either, just leave the fillings and the tortillas on the table to get your guests involved in the festivities.


The king, that is nachos! DonÔÇÖt just put them in a bowl and leave them on the table. Get some traditional dips, with some guacamole, salsa, and sour cream sauce. These will almost certainly get finished off quickly by your guests.


A little different from the other foods, but churros are arguably the best dessert in the world. These wonderful thick but soft pieces of dough covered in sugar are sure to leave your guests dribbling at the sight of them. Why not add some chocolate sauce on the side just to give it an even bigger wow factor?

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